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Ryan Neace grew up in Fresno, California, and graduated from Roosevelt High School and went on to Phoenix, Arizona, to attend Grand Canyon University and began his career in the insurance industry.


He started in the insurance industry in 1985, not by choice, he was going to be a Junior High School teacher but got a part-time in the industry.

In May 2018, he decided to go out on his own and start up his agency. It was a big jump of faith for him, but he had the passion and drove to succeed. Now today, the BEAR Insurance Broker is robust, stable and was built on a reference-based model.


He has never regretted the change and wakes up every day working for himself and supporting his clients with compassion and education.  


BEAR Insurance Broker has an office in Camas, Washington, with deep roots throughout California. Ryan Neace is the founder of BEAR Insurance Broker (Benefit Expert Achieving Resolutions), an independent health insurance benefit that helps employers and individuals to reduce costs without reducing coverage.  


Ryan is a BIG believer in educating his clients to be their best advocate to get things done and not walk away from appointments with unanswered questions.  

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